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The Velvet Handbag
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27th-Jul-2009 09:57 am - whats next - a dj danger post

what is with all the costumes? and what is next???
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i want my two favorite bands to be bffs and collab on a song because come on how super epic would that be kings of leon and the jonas brothers please do it!!!!
on a another note
joe is like ha ha ha...wait why isnt anyone else laughing at my joke?
kevin is like i am going to stand here looking pretty while having no clue what is going on
and nick has his mr president serious face on
23rd-Jul-2009 06:40 am - i know what i will be doing...
on march the 5th 2010... TIM BURTONS ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!!!
you have literally no idea how excited i am for this tim burton is purely a genius and this film will not disappoint i am sure of it =]
im having laptop trouble once again *sigh* so im having to share the home computer with my mom and sister which is a drag my mom is obsesed with a game on facebook called farm town or farm ville or whatever and my sister is a control freak *ssssssssssh! dont tell her i said that or she will hurt me lol* so bascilly night times are the only time i have free reign so i havent been to sleep yet and its 5:48 in the morning here in good old rainy britania and im doing we heart it wednesday a day late
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