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The Velvet Handbag
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send it on and more.... 
8th-Aug-2009 12:58 am
demi and selena

how good is send it on??? it think its awesome! plus you can hear kevin singing, its with selena around the 2.10 mark its adorable plus selena sounds good! ALSO got to love the jemi parts they always sound so good singing together its like there voices really mesh gets me pumped for camp rock two aka more jemi moments for all us fans

heres the song if you havent heard it there is also a download link at the source WHOOP!

how cute was selenas live chat i was kinda like aww it ended because she was only like on for fiftteen minutes and then she comes back and is like she didnt want to leave even though shes got stuff to do. personally shes my favourite disney girl because well she just seems so down to earth. omg how funny was it when she pulled that picture out with her head and shia labeauf or however you spell his name head stuck onto that photo =]
i am oddly cant wait for her music to come out as well, you can tell she is geniually excited for us all to hear it and some of the hints she gave in the live chat are intriguing a song about been blonde could it possibly be a dig about hannah montana? i secretly hope so *insert evil grin here*

also a look at tonights trending topics on twitter mostly concern selena, love for kevin, the song fly with me and send it on. disney peeps really do control twitter I LIKE IT

now just gotta wait another week for the video to come out i hope it leaks before time....
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